Commissioning Process

Macdara will work closely with you to ensure that each commission meets your individual requirements and hopes, whether it’s a custom-made engagement ring, remodelling an old family jewel or creating that one-of-a-kind piece that you’ve always coveted.

Each commissioned piece of jewellery starts with a one to one discussion, which helps to establish the general idea for the commission, the size of the piece, the choice of materials and stones, the budget etc. Depending on your location, this may be a meeting with Macdara in person, a conversation via telephone, or over email. After this initial first step, Macdara will establish your needs and wants, and create a brief to work from. He will then sketch up some preliminary drawings to give an overall idea of what the piece may look like. These ideas can be refined until a final design is decided on. (At this stage it is always helpful to have a budget in mind so Macdara can design within this boundary).

If a large stone (e.g. a diamond or coloured gemstone) is part of the design, Macdara will source a selection for you to choose from, as the qualities and characteristics of certain precious stones can vary. Large diamonds will come with a gem certificate, and these certificates can also be obtained for other large gemstones such as sapphires and rubies.

Once the design has been finalised, you will be given a quote for the piece, and a deposit (usually 50%), may be paid at this time. The balance is then payable when the commission has been completed and is ready for delivery/collection.

As every piece of jewellery is completely hand fabricated by Macdara, he will often have a full order book. These very special pieces take time to create and so it is important to know that the commissioning process is not always a quick one and completion time is often an estimate. It may be a busy time of year, stones and materials can take time to source, or the intricate detail involved in the piece may demand more hours at the bench. So if you have a particular timeframe in mind or require your jewel for a special date, please make sure that you give as much notice as you can to Macdara so as to avoid disappointment.

This commissioning process allows you to become part of the whole design of your treasured piece, from the initial thought to the final product. It’s a very exciting and individual journey that makes your beautiful new piece of jewellery even more unique and personal to you!